Kitepower Presents 100kW Airborne Wind Energy System to International Delegation of Sustainable Energy Experts

Showcasing the potential of airborne wind energy for developing countries & remote communities.

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On Monday 9 July, on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kitepower and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency/RVO arranged a showcase event of the 100 kW Kitepower system pilot at the aerodrome of Valkenburg, the testing home base of the start-up. Sustainable energy experts coming from Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey and Vietnam attended the event to witness the potential of airborne wind energy and the benefits of its deployment. Highly eased mobility and a strongly improved resource efficiency are the key qualities of airborne wind energy systems and what makes its technology more appealing compared to traditional wind turbines.

The event has been a success, the automatic operation of the system testified the efficaciousness of its deployment and we believe it represented a milestone in affirming the Dutch full commitment to a sustainable energetic revolution and acquaintanceship with developing countries and remote communities.

Kitepower’s soft wings. Left to Right: 14sqm Genetrix Hydra, 25sqm Kitepower V3B and 40sqm V5.40

The delegation together with Kitepower engineers on the field in Valkenburg while inspecting the kites.