Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2019

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Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) is an emerging renewable energy technology that aims to replace the use of fossil fuels for energy production on an economical basis. A characteristic feature of the various AWE concepts is the use of tethered flying devices to access wind energy at higher altitudes where the wind is more consistent. Over the past decade the AWE scientific and industrial community has grown considerably. The largest AWE demonstrator system to date is a 600kW system; many other demonstrator systems exist in the electricity output range up to 80 kW.


The 8th International Airborne Wind Energy Conference will be held on 15-16 October 2019 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

The conference is intended as reference for companies, politicians, researchers, scientists, investors, professionals and students interested or active in the innovative field of Airborne Wind Energy. Submitted abstracts will be selected and arranged in such a way that the conference will provide a consistent compilation of existing prototypes and models, fundamental theories, current research and development activities as well as economic, investment and regulatory aspects. Besides the R&D and technical sessions it is of special interest to have an investment & finance session. All investors (VC, family offices, Corporate Ventures, private investors etc.) are welcome to contribute their interest, expectation or existing experience about AWE-financing to the conference.


The topics of the conference will include, but are not limited to:

  • AWES Development
  • Wind Resource & Energy Production
  • System Optimization & Cost Modeling
  • Regulation & Safety
  • Aerodynamic/Structural Modeling

Follow-up: Posted on 31.10.2019


Altogether more than 220 delegates from 21 countries across Europe and abroad, scientists and engineers, entrepreneurs and investors gathered to share their experiences, findings, opportunities and visions for airborne wind energy.

The program included:

  • five plenary talks by selected experts from international agencies, industry and academia (WindEurope, Ampyx Power, Makani, IEA and Politecnico di Milano)
  • eleven contributed talk sessions in two parallel tracks, comprising a total of 42 presentations
  • five panel discussions covering all aspects of airborne wind energy, including a further 10 presentations
  • two poster sessions, each preceded by plenary spotlight presentations, with altogether 21 poster presentations

Those two days were about wind, networking and sharing insights about developments as well as technological and legislative challenges with the rest of the leading Airborne Wind Energy companies in the world. We saw fascinating documentations of industrial developments, ongoing research projects and engaging panel discussions about key themes for the commercialization of the technology. In addition to the learning component, the conference was doubtlessly also the perfect opportunity to network within the emerging community. Check the Book of Abstracts to find out more about each AWE enterprise’s achievement.

A quick recap of Kitepower’s ongoing developments

Since the beginning of 2018 until October 2019, Kitepower has performed over 130 flights at the pilot site installed within the Unmanned Valley Valkenburg, making it one of the most operative airborne wind energy company within the contemporary global scenario.

Currently, Kitepower is focusing on operating its 100kW airborne wind energy system for longer periods while increasing the power output and reducing the effort for supervision. Furthermore, Kitepower is aiming to further automate the tuning of new kites and intensively assess its resiliency, by operating them in difficult weather conditions such as storms, fog as well as much higher but even lower wind speeds. After this phase, more pilot system deployments are going to be held in and outside of the Netherlands.

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