Kitepower at the Bright Day 2018

Kitepower and the Dutch Defence present their latest cutting-edge innovations at the Bright Day 2018, the biggest tech-fest in the Netherlands.

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Kitepower at the DEFLAB

During Bright Day 2018, the biggest tech-fest in the Netherlands, Kitepower in collaboration with the Dutch Defence and together with other organisations, tech companies and universities, present their latest cutting-edge innovations. Kitepower is hosted as part of the DEFLAB, the tech-blog and showcase of the Dutch Ministry of Defence. Beside presenting the progresses carried out at the Marnewaard, where the Kitepower’s 100kW airborne wind energy system got operated by the first external crew of operators, Kitepower’s engineers will be present to introduce the system operation and ongoing developments to the general audience.

About Bright Day

Main themes of the festival are: Smart Home, Future Mobility, Robots & Superhumans, Gaming, Future Jobs, Bright Kids and Future Food. The festival takes place this year in the Expo Haarlemmermeer: ​​a light location with a roof of 26,000 m2 of solar panels that fits perfectly with Bright Day.

“This year’s Bright Day is dominated by” the bright side of tech “, explains Bright editor-in-chief Erwin van der Zande. “We keep close to issues concerning privacy, addiction and security at Bright, but on Bright Day we want to celebrate the promise of tech. It will be one big party.”


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