Commercializing A 100 kW, Mobile Airborne Wind Energy System: Potentially For Ships And Land Use

World's First Conference on Energy Independent Electric Vehicles: Land, Water & Air 2017

11:45 - 12:10
The Science Centre - TU Delft, Mijnbouwstraat 120 2600 AA Delft, Netherlands
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Presentation Summary
At Kitepower, we are focusing on commercializing 100kW Kitepower systems that are suitable for temporary and remote locations. The 100 kW product is based on a 20ft container and a 50-80 m2 kite. This makes it very mobile and easy to set up. It is estimated that the system can save up to 150.000 l of diesel a year with proper wind conditions. We are currently running pilots with customers and our system will be ready for pre-order at the end of 2017.

About The Speaker
Joep Breuer graduated in 2006 at the group of Wubbo Ockels on a rigid/inflatable kite. He continued this work at the Empa in Switzerland till 2009. In those early years he collaborated with the founders of major players in Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) such as Twingtec, Makani and Ampyx. After this he gained experience in industry as a technical manager for composite structures in the aerospace industry. In 2016 he returned to the AWE community as Technical Manager of Kitepower.

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