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How's Kitepower doing?

With two operative ground stations already deployed on the field, confirmed sales in Curaçao and many negotiations in the pipeline, we are closer than ever to release our commercial 100kW system: The Kitepower Falcon. Market launch is expected by Q4/2020. Moreover, we have recently verified the efficaciousness of integrating Greener batteries to our Kitepower energy system, making it the ideal standalone mobile off-grid solution.

More about the fundraising

To achieve our mission and roll out the product, we are raising 3M€ starting from Q1/2020. You can find Kitepower's profile on the LIFT platform by ING or you can directly get in touch with us via . Be quick, the spots are limited and, with a bit of luck, you will be able to get a free high-performance kite (yes, we build high-performance Kitepower race kites in our free time!).