Airborne Wind Energy for the Island Trade Mission

Fifteen sustainability startups travel to the Wadden Islands to connect business opportunities during the first fossil free trade mission in history.

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We can gladly say that this initiative had brought up precious insights about the actual installation possibilities of our 100 kW airborne wind energy Kitepower system throughout the Wadden Islands. We believe that the innovative power and energy of startups can contribute to sustaining the Wadden Islands. On our way, we will develop a shared vision on how to sustain the Wadden Islands in the near future, captured in a video manifesto. During the Trilateral Waddensea Conference we will present this video manifesto to the Ministers from the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany in order to make our ambition come true: Sustain the Wadden Islands.

Challenges faced by the islands are:

Waste – Solutions to close the loop of raw materials on the islands, waste-to-energy solutions.

Energy – Small wind turbines, tidal and golf energy and solutions for local energy storage.

Food – Saline cultivation, weed farming, urban farming.

Logistics – CO2 neutral shipping of goods, drone delivery, sustainable transportation on the islands.

Water – Water storage solutions, waste water treatment.

Sustainable construction – Temporary and sustainable housing, tiny housing.

The group of startups part of the Island Trade Mission comprises:

Team West

Team East


Text & Video Courtesy by Lab Vlieland
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