Kitepower at the Platform Defensie Bedrijfsleven Summit 2019

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The Dutch Defence and the business community are working together on the technologies of tomorrow. More and more often this joint effort puts new thinking into practice. Similarly, during the Summit on 15 October, more than 160 companies from different sectors took up the challenge to look for the win-win situation together with the Ministry of Defence.

Together we thought out-of-the-box and progress is indeed more possible than we think.

Kitepower was invited to showcase the ongoing cooperation with the Dutch Defence, whereby mobile airborne wind energy systems are being deployed to power up training camps and defence campaigns. The Summit was all about getting to know the business community that is contributing to the advancements of the Dutch Defence. The interactive program of the Summit offered many opportunities for succeeding this. People talked and learned from each other, exchanged knowledge and expanded their network.


Left to right: Renewable Energy Specialist Pim Schram (Dutch Ministry of Defence) and Kite Development Manager Pepijn Marcus (Kitepower) at the Platform Defensie Bedrijfsleven Summit 2019

The Platform Defensie Bedrijfsleven Summit 2019 was made possible thanks to: