Kitepower on NOS News

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On Saturday 21st April at 8:00pm, Kitepower was broadcasted on NOS news with an interview of our technical manager Joep Breuer at the Field Lab Smart Base in Soesterberg, Netherlands, explaining how Kitepower can be used to reduce diesel consumption. The Dutch Defense has the goal to operate sustainably and safely during its international peace missions. To address this challenge with innovative solutions, the Field Lab Smart Base was opened in Soesterberg in June 2017. The Field Lab offers an environment for companies, startups and research institutes to develop together with the Defense innovative solutions for the bases of the future. In total, the Defense is working with around 20 companies. In the case of Kitepower, reducing the need for transportation of diesel through unsafe terrain results in more self-sufficiency and safety while lowering the environmental footprint of the camps at the same time.


Video Reference: - See 21.04.18 video journal