MSc Internship: Applicable Air Law for Airborne Wind Energy Systems

The goal of the thesis would be to create an overview of applicable law in the Netherlands and/or Europe and identify bottlenecks which may prevent wide implementation of Kitepower's technology from an air law perspective.

starting from

Kabel District, Schieweg 15, 2627AN, Delft

Flexible hours

Candidate Profile:

• Background in law (preferably aviation law)

• Fluent written/spoken English

• Problem solving attitude

• Pro-active & detail-oriented attitude with a good ability to work independently

• Passion for sustainability and making the world a better place

Your Tasks:

• Investigate and prepare an overview of (Dutch and European) applicable air laws to systems like Kitepower’s Falcon 100kW

• Find bottlenecks in local and international aviation legal systems that complicate the implementation of AWE technology

• Research and elaborate on possible adaptations

Extra Assets:

• Dutch speaking/writing skills (for law)

• Copywriting skills