Kitepower made it to semi-finals of Accenture Innovation Awards 2017!

Meet the winners


At Kitepower, we use the airborne wind energy concept to produce mobile, cost-competitive & green electricity at minimal noise and visual impact. We produce wind energy from the novel concept of an airborne kite flying crosswind maneuvers and replace the mass of conventional solutions (towers, blades) with the intelligence of smart control systems. Our solution is mobile through 90% less material use (compared to conventional turbines) and comes in a shippable 20′ container. Our product allows the harvesting of higher altitude winds for a greater energy yield & capacity factors of up to 50% (30% wind turbines, 10% solar). Our target customer wants to produce mobile green electricity off the grid. Currently, many off-grid solutions are based on diesel generators, from events to remote houses, communities, micro-grids or the military. High diesel consumption and costs have been identified as customer pains. With mobile wind energy, a cost-competitive solution is given, which is further attractive in terms of a transition to renewable energy sources.


The Accenture Innovation Awards is a year-round program with the goal to create an extensive ecosystem to connect all innovators and to drive innovation together. This program consists of a series of events throughout the year, ranging from Innovation Deepdives, to Innovation Exchanges and Scale Up Academy Days, ultimately culminating in the Accenture Innovation Summit on October 27, 2017. The Innovation Summit will be the stage where this year’s most game-changing innovative concepts pitch to win the coveted Blue or Green Tulip. Eleven themes represent the most important trends and challenges of our time. The innovations registered within these themes will aim to improve the way the world works and lives, by taking the theme’s challenges.

The winners of Accenture Innovation Awards 2017 have been announced on the 27th of October. This edition of the summit is now closed.